First Season

This time, 
to Glaser’s Bake Shop for their Old Fashioned Cinnamon Raisin Bar and a few laughs.

Best Thing: Old Fashioned Cinnamon Raisin Bar 
(But really, too many things)
Price: $1.50

This place has been open for several lifetimes. 
They’ve spent all that time learning to make the best of everything.

Then we went to the ___  ___ bakery for their, well, you will see…

Best Thing: ???
Price: $1.00 
If I ask you what’s the best thing you have,
have an answer please.

A real, live doughnut shop. We hit Doughnut Plant for their PB & J doughnut.

Best Thing: Peanut Butter Glaze and Blackberry Jelly Doughnut
Price: $3.00

Don’t forget the doughnut.
When done right it’s right up there with the cookies
and the cupcakes of this city.
On to Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
for their, conveniently called, Sunshine Cupcake.

Best Thing: Sunshine Cupcake
Price: $1.50
If the Lower East Side had a bakery as a mascot,
this place would be it.

( Know thy neighborhood.)

We moved to a new part of the city. 
Stuffed Artisan Cannolis for their Girl Scout Cookie Cannoli.

Best Thing: Girl Scout Cookie Cannoli
Price: $2.00

The cannoli takes a cue from the cupcake and gets all fancy
with its flavors. I wouldn’t do it, but I like it.

Crumbs Bakery
Next stop, CRUMBS Bake Shop for their Red Velvet Cupcake
Best Thing: Red Velvet Cupcake
Price: $3.75
Owning and franchising are two different things.

Which one am I?
Visit Crumbs
Yelp Review

Levain Bakery
First stop, Levain Bakery for their Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie
Best Thing: Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie
Price: $4.00
If I’m going to build a bakery around a cookie,
it better be a freaking amazing cookie.

I have some work to do.


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